Lone Worker Safety App for Smartphones

The GeoPro lone worker safety app turns smartphones into employee safety devices

The GeoPro lone worker safety app can function as an emergency app or an all-in-one check-in app. Complete with an SOS button, man down alerts and other safety monitoring alerts, you can protect employees that work alone or at isolated sites where there`s reliable cellular coverage.

Used with the GeoPro web app, it helps employers monitor the safety and well-being of employees anywhere in the world. And unlike other lone worker safety apps for smartphones or tablets, employees do not need to wear a separate man down pendant or carry a separate SOS device.

GeoPro alert button, also called the VSN Mobil V.BTTN, Compatible: GeoPro enables users of the GeoPro alert button to use the accessory to surreptitiously declare an SOS and perform check-ins from the GeoPro app.

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Features and benefits

Lone workers can easily check in, activate man down, no motion detection or monitor me for situations of higher risk such as entering a client’s home or hazardous area.

Check-in schedules with auto reminders

SOS alerts with 24/7 monitoring

Man down (no motion) detection alerts

Monitor Me requests for higher risk situations


Activity log

How to use the GeoPro Lone Worker Safety App

To use the GeoPro lone worker safety app, you must first have a GeoPro account. If you don’t have an account, try GeoPro free for 30 days.

Once you have a GeoPro account, simply download the app on any iOS or Android device and register that device under the organization’s GeoPro administrative account. Once set up, GeoPro offers an easy way to manage work alone safety. Employees can use the GeoPro lone worker app on their phone to check-in, initiate safety monitoring and no motion detection or send a real time SOS alert.

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GeoPro Mobile App on angle

GeoPro Alert Button with accessories

Declare SOS and perform check-ins using the GeoPro alert button

Compatible with our mobile app, the GeoPro alert button is a wearable Bluetooth accessory. It allows employees to declare SOS emergencies (3-second long press) and perform check-ins (1-second short press) without having to take out their phone.


  • Unobtrusive check-in and SOS/emergency alerting
  • Wearable out-of-the-box with the included wristband, lanyard, or belt clip
  • GPS location (when used with the GeoPro Mobile App)
  • Bluetooth® wireless range: 75′ indoors, 300′ outdoors
  • Battery life: up to 1 year
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery (commonly available watch battery)
  • IP67: Waterproof (up to 1 m for 30 minutes)
  • Out of range notification
  • Size: 3.2 cm (1.3″) in diameter; 1 cm (0.4″) thick
  • Weight: 8 g (0.3 oz)
  • No monthly fee

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