Monthly Plans for inReach Users

Monthly Plans for inReach Users

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Monthly plans for inReach users include the following features:

  • The flexibility to switch, cancel or suspend plans any time
  • Pool data allowances with other inReach devices on the same account
  • Use of the GeoPro web app, and GEOS monitoring services at no extra charge

GeoPro 8K

  • Includes:
  • 8,000 bytes
  • (Equivalent to 100 messages or 400 tracks)
  • Additional usage:
  • 10¢ per 10 bytes

GeoPro 25K

  • Includes:
  • 25,000 bytes
  • (Equivalent to 312 messages or 1,250 tracks)
  • Additional usage:
  • 8¢ per 10 bytes

GeoPro Unlimited

  • Includes:
  • Unlimited bytes
  • (Equivalent to unlimited messages & tracks)
  • Additional usage:
  • None

Terms & Conditions

  • A one-time $35 activation fee applies to all devices
  • Suspend service when it’s not needed for just $4.95 per month
  • There is no administration fee to switch plans (upgrade or downgrade) at any time
  • The GeoPro subscription allows the inReach device to be managed and displayed within the GeoPro web app
  • An active subscription enables the inReach device to transmit (via the Iridium network). When monthly service is suspended, the inReach device will not transmit; SOS and other communications functions will be disabled
  • Unused data does not carry forward month-to-month
  • Pooling is not available on the GeoPro Unlimited monthly subscription

Note: Route and waypoint features associated with some models of inReach are not supported within the GeoPro app. Learn more

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