Your Safety System, Your Rules

Secure, fully hosted and easily adapted to your safety practices,
GeoPro simply works the way you need it to!

Define your emergency protocols

Define your emergency protocols and escalation contacts and GeoPro will sound the alarm to ensure a prompt response. You’ll be able to view emergencies in real-time — whether they’re managed by our expert monitoring service, or your in-house personnel.

GeoPro provides:

  • Confirmation/cancellation of emergencies
  • Real-time incident notification
  • Incident logs and reports

Manage check-in schedules

GeoPro’s robust check-in scheduler lets you easily define and assign check-in schedules, and automates missed or overdue check-in notifications to those you designate.

GeoPro supports:

  • Scheduled check-in at defined times or intervals (e.g. every 2 hours)
  • Adhoc check-in
  • Automatic reminders when due
  • Real-time alerts when overdue

Centralize alert management

The GeoPro web app enables easy, centralized management of more than just emergency alerts,
and promptly notifies your escalation contacts when incidents occur.


Automate management of routine scheduled check-ins

Overdue check-in

Prompt notification when a scheduled check-in is missed

Man down*

Prompt no-motion notification based on your parameters


Prompt notification when an SOS alert has been triggered


Prompt notification when an assigned geofence is crossed

Journey monitoring

Prompt notification based on changes in speed or altitude

* Supported for users of the GeoPro mobile app only.

Incident logs and reports

Access detailed reports for incident investigations, training or continuous improvement of your safety practices. GeoPro maintains comprehensive, time stamped incident logs that include all messages, GPS coordinates, and notes added by emergency managers.

Real-time account management

Convenient, browser-based access to manage your account:

  • Manage licenses and subscriptions
  • Activate, suspend, change or deactivate services
  • View invoices and payments
  • Manage GEOS (monitoring) enrollment preferences

*A developer API for integration with third-party apps or services is available. Talk to us about custom requirements.

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