Global Monitoring and Emergency Dispatch

Your GeoPro subscription automatically includes GEOS global emergency support services.
How’s that for peace of mind?

GEOS global alert monitoring capabilities

GEOS Watch Standers, SAR Mission Coordinators, and Duty Officers will stand watch 24/7/365 to monitor lone workers and respond to the safety alerts you’ve set up. You can rest easy. GEOS operates a certified Tier 4 data center designed to support mission critical services, and maintains a robust emergency first responder network that spans the globe. Simply choose the types of alerts you’d like monitored and define your emergency escalation process.
The experts at GEOS will take ownership to:

  • Manage alerts and incidents
  • Confirm emergencies and notify first responders
  • Promptly notify escalation contacts
  • Dispatch assistance when and where it’s needed
  • Provide reassurance and exchange updates with the employee throughout the incident
  • Designate a specific set of standard operating procedures for each type of alert
Federal Emergency Management Agency Certified
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliant
Member of the National Emergency Number Association
Member of the National Search and Rescue Committee

Other monitoring alternatives

  • Prefer to monitor emergency alerts in-house?

    Simply select this option when setting up your account.

  • Already using another third-party service?

    We offer an API to enable integration – ask us for details.

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