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Thousands of employers trust Roadpost with their lone worker safety concerns. You can too.

From small businesses to Fortune 500, to NGOs and public sector employers, Roadpost’s customers have many faces but a common concern – ensuring the safety of employees that work alone at remote worksites. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders to ensure that our customers have access to the best lone worker devices, alert monitoring services, and work alone safety management apps, including GeoPro.

Roadpost leads the industry in customer satisfaction, and by extending the value of the products we provide with exclusive value-added services like:

Convenient web self-service options

Competitive “no-contract” rate plans

24-hour technical support

years of experience

happy customers


customer satisfaction

Exclusively from Roadpost, GeoPro enables employers to more effectively monitor the well-being of employees. We’ve also helped employers customize GeoPro in a variety of ways, including: custom maps, tracking other lone worker devices, permissions, groups and hierarchies, integrating their preferred third-party monitoring service, or integrating data to or from other systems, and more.

The GeoPro solution is powered by the Global Alerting Platform (GAP). GAP is a proven global web-based satellite messaging and personnel monitoring platform that has been tried and tested by the best. Since 2006 it has been an integral part of corporate business strategy for risk management and compliance, managing workforce safety 24x7x365.

There are lots of ways that we can help address your specific lone worker safety monitoring concerns.
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