Protect Your Lone Workers

Whether you have a workforce of 10 or 1000s, discover why our complete safety monitoring and
communication solution makes protecting employees working alone easier than you think.

GeoPro: a complete work alone safety system

A turnkey solution that’s quick to deploy

GeoPro can be quickly deployed to safeguard employees working alone or in isolation – absolutely anywhere.

Together with your choice of lone worker device, our hosted web app and monitoring service is simply the easiest and most effective way to monitor employee well-being, minimize risk, and address employer duty of care.

Safeguard lone workers

Around the corner or around the world, GeoPro-compatible lone worker devices safeguard employees working at even the most remote job sites.

Using the GeoPro mobile app on a smartphone or a satellite-enabled device, employees that work alone will be equipped to connect anywhere, check-in, or request assistance if their health or safety is threatened.

Compare devices

Configure alerts

Decide what you want to monitor and let GeoPro take care of the rest.
Our web app makes it quick and easy to configure alerts and escalation procedures for many safety concerns including:


Overdue check-in


Man down
Journey monitoring

Journey monitoring


Monitor employees working alone and respond to emergencies

GeoPro provides visibility of employees’ status and location displayed in a choice of web map. If there’s an incident alert, it’s escalated immediately to those you designate.

Rest easy. Our expert partner, GEOS, will stand watch around-the-clock so that you don’t have to. Or, you can use GeoPro to monitor alerts in-house.

Protect workers with a two-way connection.

Your safety system, your rules

GeoPro includes a robust admin toolkit* that gives you complete control:

Configure and assign check-in schedules
Manage licenses and subscriptions
Define alerts and escalation contacts
Access incident logs and reports
*GeoPro can be customized in all kinds of ways. Click to chat or contact us.

Discover more GeoPro features

GeoPro benefits

Whether you utilize our 24/7/365 alert monitoring and dispatch service, or use our dashboard to manage
your own emergency incidents, GeoPro is a secure and flexible solution that:

Simplifies monitoring of employee well-being and check-in

Improves decision making and incident response

Provides peace of mind for employees working alone and their employers

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